March 7, 2021

Stay Safe, and Compete in the World-Famous Ironman

Did you know that, according to NBC News and the journal Pain, triathletes can actually withstand more pain than athletes focusing on just one sport? A staggering number of triathletes feel stronger, healthier, and more accomplished, and chalk it all up to participation in world-famous Ironman triathlons. Even so, the truth remains that a record […]

Triathlon Swimmers with Improper Training Risk Cardiac Failure, and Death

Did you know that, according to a USA Triathlon Study, there were 45 triathlon-related deaths from 2003 to 2011, and 31 happened in the water? Swimming is easily the most dangerous part of a triathlon, and it is also the part that athletes neglect the most. In fact, some athletes even view it as a […]

Swim, Bike, Run, Repeat, Tips to Improve Your Triathlon Training

When it comes to physical challenges, there are few more daunting or demanding than the triathlon. Races and physical competitions have been ingrained in society and culture for decades, but the first modern event to be called a triathlon in the United States was held in 1974, at Mission Bay in San Diego, California. Triathlons […]

Are You Breathing Right? Three Tips for Triathlon Swim Training

Did you know that triathlons originated in France during the 1920s? Since then, it has become a popular competing event. The triathlon involves multiple stages of vigorous competing. A typical triathlon include cycling, swimming, and running segments. There are many ways to train for a triathlon, but here are some of the main triathlon training […]

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