May 27, 2024

Important Facts Before You Rent or Buy a Golf Cart

Choosing the ideal golf cart rental or purchase comes down to the dealer and the cart brand, explains BA Carts co-owner Sloan Whitaker in this video. When you shop and buy from a respected, honest dealer, you’ll obtain a golf cart that looks great and runs well. It won’t matter whether you purchase a new or used one.

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Know your needs first. Do you need a golf cart or a street-legal, low-speed vehicle (LSV) for your drive? From a distance, the two appear the same, but an LSV comes with a 15-character VIN, while a golf cart features a nine-character VIN. Some states only allow a 15-character VIN vehicle on their roads. Know what you want, but don’t decide on a cart model until you explore the differences in-person. Contact golf cart dealers by telephone first. Pursue those who offer great customer service and advertise reasonable prices.

While you should read reviews from those individuals who purchased that model of a golf cart, only trust the actual owner’s reviews. Test drive a few golf carts and/or LSVs before deciding which you want to purchase. This process lets you experience what it feels like to drive the cart, something you can’t tell from pictures or online videos. Your diligence in preparing for shopping for a golf cart provides you with the best outcome. Do plenty of research and rely on your test drives to know the real differences in handling between the various designs.


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