September 23, 2021

The Most Effective Ways To Use Swim Training For Triathlon Events

Triathlons are excellent ways to stay in shape and participate in events where you are surrounded by people like yourself, who wish to improve their physiques, stay in excellent shape, and take part in a public event in which strength and endurance are tested simultaneously. Through these events, you can strengthen bonds with others who […]

The Keys to Triathlon Success

Although the most popular athletes in the United States are those who play the three most high profile sports, such as basketball, football, and baseball, perhaps those who deserve the most admiration are triathletes. Triathlon training programs are probably more important for completing a triathlon than any other sport. Arguably, those who play the big […]

Achieve Your Goal of Completing a Marathon

Triathlons are extreme events of athletic accomplishment. Many people start training for a triathlon months or even a year before their event. Triathlons are three events in one, a swim, road race and bike event in sequence. When training for a triathlon it is important to spend time training for each event as well as […]

How Triathlon Swim Training Workouts Lead To Better Results

Prepping for any sort of athletic event takes focus and dedication. Training for a triathlon takes things up a notch, since there are three specific elements of this kind of race. There is running, which can be done routinely, with a person upping their speed and their distance over time to train; there is bicycling, […]

Training for a Triathlon

There are a number of triathlon training programs, all of which are exceptionally rigorous. Cardiovascular regimens are an important part of training for a triathlon, as the competition includes three cardiovascular activities over an extended period of time and distance. These three activities, as many are aware, are usually cycling, swimming, and distance running. There […]

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