May 27, 2024

Achieve Your Goal of Completing a Marathon

Triathlon training program

Triathlons are extreme events of athletic accomplishment. Many people start training for a triathlon months or even a year before their event. Triathlons are three events in one, a swim, road race and bike event in sequence. When training for a triathlon it is important to spend time training for each event as well as build your endurance so that you can last through to the end. These are a number of triathlon training programs that will help people with their endurance, cardiovascular capacity and lactic acid threshold.

The type of training for a triathlon you will do will depend on the type of triathlon you will be running. There are triathlons available in short distances or in long distances like the Iron Man. Training for a triathlon should involve running, swimming, cycling and weightlifting. It is important to cross train to make the most of your training time and efforts.

Doing work in the pool with triathlon swim training will greatly increase this one exhaustive event. Many people find this part of a triathlon to be the most difficult. Another great reason to get in the pool for triathlon swim training workouts is that swimming is great of joints. Hours spent pounding the pavement for the running portion of a triathlon can really take their toll on knees, ankle and hip joints. Weightless exercise in the pool allows exercisers to get cardiovascular and resistance exercises without the wear and tear on your joints and back.

Bike training for a triathlon is another important method to exercise with minimum joint impact. Planning for your triathlon and its course will inform what conditions you should train under. Not only should hills be accounted for, keep in mind the time of day and elevation at which the event will be held. Even if you are running on a flat path, high elevation you are not used to can really test your mettle.

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