April 18, 2024

Two Triathlon Swim Workouts

Training for a triathlon

The triathlon is a difficult and tasking sports event. Here are triathlon swim training workouts. Importantly long before and leading up to the event is to eat healthy and hydrate to keep the muscle cells working at peak performance. This triathlon training program is a longer total distance. These triathlon training workout will push you hard. Note. Be very careful with triathlon swim training workouts like these because they push your body. If your body does not want to go any further, listen to it.

Workout 1.

Warmup. Swim 300, your choice of stroke. 400 kick. 200 freestyle

Main. 900 swim. No more than a 2 minute rest interval.
600 swim. For this you swim 3 x 100 first and then again
400 on paddles.
200 on paddles.
6 x 50 backstroke
Go at aerobic pace

Cooldown. 100 to 200 your choice of stroke. Take it slow.

Workout 2.

Warmup. 300 choice of stroke. 300 kick. 200 freestyle.

Main. 6 x 100 T pace 1 to 2 seconds
100 recovery swim. Take it slow.
4 x 100 t pace 3 seconds
100 recovery swim. Take it slow.
4 x 100 t pace 5 seconds
100 recovery swim. Take it slow.

Cooldown. 1 x 300 consisting of 50 perfect, 25 right only, 25 left only, 50 catch up, and 150 swim

This swim training for triathlon will undoubtedly get an athlete in shape for the swim. These triathlon swim training workouts are some of the best there is out there.

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