May 27, 2024

Swim, Bike, Run, Repeat, Tips to Improve Your Triathlon Training

Swim training for triathlonIf you haven’t ridden a bike since you were a child, you might think that purchasing a new bike is a simple process. But depending on your budget and your plans for the bike, it can be a different story. The best around town bike might be great, but too expensive for you. The best bicycle for street riding is very different from the best mountain bike. So it is important that before you make any purchasing decisions, you know what kind of bike you want and approximately how much you can spend.

If you’re looking for the best all-purpose bicycle, you’ll be able to find that pretty easily at most bike shops. If you go in person, you can try it out and decide if you like it before you purchase it. However, if you want the best bike for training, you might need to find someone who specializes in those kinds of bikes. Luckily, an online bike retailer will have what you need. The process might be more complicated because you can’t try it in person before buying, but it will eventually get you the particular bike you are looking for.

When it comes to physical challenges, there are few more daunting or demanding than the triathlon. Races and physical competitions have been ingrained in society and culture for decades, but the first modern event to be called a triathlon in the United States was held in 1974, at Mission Bay in San Diego, California. Triathlons are held all over the world, but in the United States alone there are more than 22 to choose from.



If you are considering a triathlon then you are well aware that you will need to undergo extensive training leading up to the event. Triathlon training programs are going to focus on building your strength, stamina, and almost more importantly, your efficiency. A great deal of importance is put on not wasting any energy since a triathlon is more of a marathon than a sprint.


If a triathlon is in your future, then here is a brief collection of tips to inform your triathlon training.




1. Swimming

Triathlon swim training workouts are readily available on the internet and can help you to customize a training program to your needs. Here is a tip to remember when training in swimming, do not kick too much! Most of your momentum should be generated by your hands and arms. Kicking your legs should serve to stabilize your body and keep your feet up, but you need to remember that you are going to be running and biking later, and you want to conserve some energy for that.

2. Biking

Much of your biking training will focus on cadence. Cadence is a measurement of the number of revolutions of the crank each minute. In simpler terms, it is the rate of pedaling, and it is a distinct measurement in relation to wheel speed. When training, you want to reach a middle ground with your cadence, or approximately 80 to 90 rotations per minute.

3. Running

No triathlon training is complete without a considerable amount of time spent on running. One tip is to run on different surfaces to improve your form. Did you know that a concrete surface is five times harder than asphalt? Also, both concrete and asphalt have greater densities the colder that it is, so it is more difficult to run on frozen surfaces. Consider running on more forgiving and softer surfaces, such as grass or dirt, to improve your form before attempting the more punishing surfaces.



In your triathlon training, try not to run too far, or too hard, too soon. Also, focus on your form to prevent injury and increase the efficiency of your exercises and your performance.

A final tip, check your equipment. Is your bike in good shape? Are your swimming goggles going to leak or cause issues? Are your running shoes holding up? Nothing is more disappointing than having all of your training and hard work negated by a busted tire, leaky goggles, or a pair of shoes that are unable to hold up to the demands of the triathlon. Remember these tips, train safely, and enjoy both the healthful and emotional benefits of competing in a triathlon.


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