June 13, 2024

Top Notch Triathlon Swim Training

Triathlon swim training workouts

Even though the most celebrated and well paid athletes in the United States are those who play basketball, football, and baseball, the hardest working athletes have to be triathletes who put themselves through rigorous triathlon swim training. In fact, when you think about it, it is silly that we glorify athletes, and pay them tens of millions of dollars a years, for being good at inane activities. Throwing a ball through a hoop? Catching or running with a ball? Hitting a little white ball with a fat wooden stick? Now, compare those things with swimming a mile or more, cycling several miles, and then running several more miles before one even has a chance of winning a couple thousand bucks, if that. Who deserves more glory? While triathletes do not get their due, they continue to put themselves through training for a triathlon that includes triathlon swim training and a variety of triathlon training programs.

In order to get into shape for a triathlon, there is no sitting out training camp nursing an ingrown toenail. It takes passionate commitment to weeks and months of intense triathlon training workouts and other triathlon training. In fact, the most successful triathletes usually enlist the services of a triathlon swim training coach, who will help them make the most of their workouts. It has even come to the point that one cannot be a serious triathlete without hiring a triathlon coach that is experienced with the very latest in triathlon swim training workouts. Even though the swim is the shortest part of the triathlon, it may be the most difficult part of the competition for most triathletes. However, with the best triathlon swim training, the swimming leg might become a strength for any triathlete.

Although triathletes do not get anywhere close to the attention that they deserve, they are a different species, so to speak, from spoiled football, basketball, and baseball players. Triathletes are workers with a passion for their sport; a passion that makes them subject themselves to the most intense triathlon swim training available. After all, when athletes want to be winners, there is no such thing as shortcuts.

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