June 13, 2024

Get a Fine Workout With Martial Arts

The human body is built to move. In fact, the human body is not only capable of great athletic feats, but the mind and body alike reward exercise and punish sedentary behavior in a number of ways. Think of the “runner’s high,” for example, the release of endorphins during exercise. All of this is a relic from the caveman days of early hominids, when early humans chased game animals across long distances and hunted them with primitive weapons (as opposed to tree-bound primates who had sedentary lives). Today, while chimpanzees and gorillas have sedentary lives, their close relatives, Homo Sapiens, is hard at work down on the ground. Today, no one is chasing their dinner, but our bodies are built for that lifestyle. Now, game hunting is replaced with sports, martial arts, and cardio. Muay Thai kickboxing, karate, judo, Wing Chun, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, and more can be taught in a class with a professional trainer. Learning Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) or taking kickboxing classes can have many health and lifestyle benefits. Muay Thai and other styles have a lot to offer. What should someone bear in mind when adopting a more active lifestyle?

Current Health Trends

It is an unfortunate fact that many Americans today, young and old, have poor exercise and heating habits. Modern rates of being overweight or obese are higher than ever, and an number of culprits have been identified. One is a general lack of exertion. A lot of labor has become automated, but there are plenty of other opportunities for kid and adults alike to exercise. Not everyone is taking those chances, though. Many kids and adults alike today fall short of the American Heart Association’s guidelines for daily and weekly exercise, with only one in three adults getting the exercise they need per week (very few reach their daily quotas). Kids are spending hours of their time every day on electronic screens such as PCs, TVs, and handheld gaming devices, and this has largely replaced exercise such as sports or going to a park. Many parents are concerned about this trend, but not all take action. Adults are often in the same situation, working desk jobs and then continuing to be sedentary at home.

Diets are another issue. Healthy, wholesome organic food is often replaced with processed and fast food, which is often packed with excess sugar and fats. Added sugars and fats alike add a lot of calories and pounds of fat to a person’s body, and their waistline may soon reflect this. A lot of these added sugars are stored as fat and never burned. Fast food has become much more prolific since the 1970s, and its low price and added flavors make them appealing for the tongue but not for the waistline. What can be done to reverse this trend?

Muay Thai and More

Nearly anyone can adjust their diet for the better, and any able-bodied person can launch a personal fitness program as well. To be safe about this, one may want to consult their doctor first about their new diet and exercise program, especially if they have health complications such as recent surgery or diabetes. Once they get their doctor’s approval, they can get started.

A good diet will remove all fast food and processed foods from the meals and snacks of the day and replace them all with organic and natural fruits and vegetables, lean meats and other proteins, dairy, grain (whole wheat may be best), and more. This cuts out unhealthy added sugars and fats and also provides new meals and recipe ideas.

Exercise is a major component of any weight loss program. A person may lift weights, or the may opt for any number of cardio exercises such as swimming, jogging, or bicycle riding. Another fine idea is to take a martial arts class, ranging from Muay Thai to judo or BJJ, or anything else desired. An interested party may look for professional classes to learn these martial arts, and this can provide an excellent chance to burn excess calories, develop many muscles, and teach the person self-defense as a bonus. Martial arts can also be a lot of fun to learn and practice, as they are a skill like any other.

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