April 18, 2024

Seven Reasons To Take A Ride On An Electronic Longboard

About 11 million people self-report that they enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis. In fact, there are 16 million skateboarders in the United States and more than 20 million internationally.

Skateboarding has seen plenty of trends over the years. One that has grown in popularity in recent years is the use of the electronic longboard. The growing use of the electronic longboard has been a marked change from the old days of simple push boards. You may be wondering, just what is an electronic longboard? Simply put, it’s a skateboard with a battery, an electric motor and a control unit attached.

From beginners to skateboard enthusiasts, the electronic longboard offers plenty of benefits for skateboards of all levels:

  • It’s really fun: Millions of skateboards have fun skateboarding every single day. An electronic longboard takes the fun to another level. Electronic longboards can make skateboards feel like they’re hovering as they ride and they have greater control over their motion with the control unit.
    If that wasn’t enough, electronic longboards can be customized if you want to take on building one as a DIY project. You can tailor it however you want and you can feel good about knowing you’ve got something unique to ride on.
  • It’s really easy: Even if you’re a novice, electronic boards are very easy to use. The electronic motor makes riding easy since you don’t have to push to keep your board moving. Whether you’re riding on a flat surface or riding up an incline, electronic longboards are equipped to handle different conditions.
  • Best of both worlds: Skateboards love the electronic longboard because it really is the best of both worlds. Riders can use them just like a traditional skateboard by turning off the motor drive system. This makes it easier to hit up the local half-pipe and bust out some tricks. When you’re all done, you can turn the motor back on and ride back home.
  • It’s a healthy activity: Not only is riding an electronic longboard fun, it can be very beneficial to your health. Skateboarding can help improve strength and muscle mass and can help improve balance as well.
    If that wasn’t enough, skateboarding improves the overall function of a person’s nervous system since maintaining balance requires the use of the nervous system, more so than if you ride a bike or drive a car.
  • You can go fast: One of the biggest benefits of electronic boards is that you can go fast. How fast you ask? Electronic longboards can go as fast as 22 miles per hour, which means if you’re skateboarding you can keep up with the flow of traffic and can get over obstacles like hills much easier.
    If you’re wondering just how the heck you can maintain control of your board going that fast, fear not. Various electronic longboards come with speed controls, which means you can speed up or slow down as necessary without having to worry about losing your board. Electronic boards often come with alarms built into the speed controls to let riders know when they’ve reached top speed.
  • Helping the environment: One of the great things about the electronic longboard is that it’s eco-friendly. That means you’re not burning fossil fuels and you don’t have to worry about polluting the air. You can ride around and enjoy the nice weather without worrying if you’re harming or damaging anything.
  • It costs less: The use of a battery in electronic boards means you’re not wasting money on fuel, which can save you some money over a period of time. Rather than driving to school or to appointments, you can ride your board with no extra money spent.

From easier riding to cost savings to the ability to control your speed, there are no shortage of advantages to taking a ride on an electronic longboard. They’re fun for skateboarders of all ages and skill levels and if you’re feeling creative you can customize one yourself as part of a DIY project.

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