May 27, 2024

Try Out a Great Electric Skateboard

For decades, skateboards have proven popular across the United States and abroad, and this sport has grown large enough to have a widely followed professional scene. A number of men (and more recently, women) have made names for themselves with their skateboarding skills, and skate parks may be found all of the place. But these people-powered vehicles aren’t the only way to cruise around in everyday life; an electric off road skateboard may be a popular alternative, and a motor skateboard can go places where a regular skateboard cannot. Due to their small, hard wheels and lack of motors, regular skateboards are meant to be confined to pavement and skate parks. An electric longboard of electric off road skateboard, though, has the right wheels, tough construction, and motor to go all over the place, even in the wilderness. An interested customer might look for an electric longboard for sale to join their collection of regular skateboards. What is there to know about skating today, and why might an electric off road skateboard be a fine purchase?

Skating Today

Skateboarding isn’t the juggernaut that other sports like basketball and baseball have proven to be, but they’re popular all the same. There’s been some surveys done to see how popular skateboarding is, and the numbers show that around 11 million people self-report skateboarding daily, just for fun. The United States is home to around 16 million skateboarders overall, and they’re part of the global community of 22 million total or so. An interesting trend in skateboarding is that overall, this population is getting a little older recently. Back in 2006, for example, the 12-17 age group made up 71% of all skaters, but today, the 12-17 age group among skaters has dropped to 45%. The pro skater scene goes back decades, and women first entered that scene when Patti McGee turned pro back in 1964. Skateboarding is bigger than ever, but there’s more than one way to skate. What if someone wants to cruise the woods behind their house or the sandy beach on a longboard? A regular skateboard will get stuck on wild terrain, but an electric off road skateboard can handle the job.

An Electric Skateboard

This is just what it sounds like: a specially-built skateboard that has an electric motor to drive the wheels, not too different from an RC car. This electric longboard, though, has the power to drive a person who’s standing on it. These boards may be driven with a hand-held remote control device while in use, or the user may tilt the board left or right to go in those directions. Another major difference here, besides the presence of a motor, is the wheels. As mentioned earlier, regular skateboards have small and hard wheels that are optimal for pavement and skate parks, but those wheels aren’t cut out for off-road travel at all. Instead, an electric off road skateboard will have bigger, inflated tires with grips on them, sort of like what an ATV would have (and for the same reason). These bigger, softer, and more grip-friendly tires can roll right over sand, dirt, loose rocks and sticks, and more as the off-road skater motors along, and this skateboard is much less likely to get stuck of break than a regular skateboard out there. This can be a lot of fun for those who want to leisurely cruise around their neighborhood and a nearby park or beach. One limitation is that these skateboards aren’t such a great option for regular skateboard stunts, like using a half-pipe or grinding on rails. This skateboard is better off keeping its tough wheels right there on the ground.

Someone who wants to try out an electric off road skateboard can find them online in certain catalogs, and a good catalog will have clear images and product specs of any electric skateboard for sale. A new one will be the most expensive, but it may be the most stylish and have the most power and features. Or, a customer might visit the secondary market and find a gently used model for sale for a discount. A used electric skateboard can be tested in person to make sure that everything is in fine working order before purchase.

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