January 25, 2022

Row Row Row for Charity! Retired Army Major Rows His Tiny Boat Dubbed ‘Tintanic To Benefit Hospice!

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Charity can come in forms you might never expect. For example, it might be in the form of a retired British Army major in a tiny corrugated tin boat. In this video, viewers are introduced to Major Michael Stanley, an eighty-year-old retired army major who is rowing a hundred miles to benefit the St. Wilfred Hospice, an end-of-life support program in Chichester, West Sussex. Stanley made the boat himself, inspired by the toy boats he saw children playing with in India. He is rowing those hundred miles in small amounts, covering the same rivers multiple times rather than doing one long journey. The inspiration, he says, came from another retired military man. Captain Sir Tom Moore is one hundred years old and takes walks in his garden for charity.

While these two cases might seem like whimsical indulgences, they’ve had a massive impact on the two gentlemen’s chosen causes. Moore has raised millions of dollars for charity through his walks, while Stanley has already raised over fifteen thousand dollars. These are life-changing amounts of money and they came from two very simple actions. While these cases also had a great deal of publicity and support, they serve an important purpose beyond the way they’ve made so much money. They show that there are many different ways to get creative while helping others. Instead of trying to force yourself to do something you don’t like or are not good at, you can use your strengths to help instead. Neither of these men are superheroes. They are elderly men who know the limits of their strengths and abilities. So instead of trying to go on long journeys to hit their goals, they are staying close to home and doing it in small pieces. Doing it this way lets them raise money without hurting themselves.

Moore and Stanley also show that helping others can be fun. There is nothing wrong with adding a touch of whimsy to your charitable work. In fact, it might motivate you even more. So if you see a boat for sale and that’s something you like, it’s not entirely selfish to pick it up. You can use your hobby to raise both awareness and money for a cause you believe in. And maybe the uniqueness of your plan will inspire others to follow in your footsteps. That is what happened here. Moore not only raised millions, but he also inspired Stanley, who went on to make his own major impact.

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