July 22, 2024

Desperate families get behind cannabis charity

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Legalizing medicinal cannabis has been gaining traction all over the world, yet in some countries like New Zealand, patient access to medicinal cannabis remains an arduous challenge. This video titled Desperate Families Gets Behind Cannabis Charity highlights issues related to accessing medicinal cannabis for people suffering from chronic illnesses. Countries that have legalized medicinal and recreational cannabis use have employed research to support their reasons and have enacted laws to regulate how legalizing it is mandated.

This family has exhausted all of their resources to help their chronically ill son due to several issues related to the accessibility of medicinal cannabis. Even though patients are legally permitted to use cannabis products provided that they have a prescription, they still have to worry about the costs of outsourcing products from different countries because the sale, reproduction, and possession of cannabis in New Zealand is still an offense as per the 2020 referendum. Many families are going through the same predicament without many alternatives and that is why they have banded together to launch a charity to help them raise money for cannabis products and awareness that will hopefully receive international recognition.

Additionally, there is a presumption of bias in the medical field when it comes to the issuing of prescriptions. New Zealand has only approved one cannabis drug to be used as a treatment for chronic diseases but access to this drug is limited due to the restrictions around the number of prescriptions allowed to be handed out at a time. This then leaves many people in a desperate situation because having to use other means for treatment is very expensive. Medical practitioners are also reluctant to recommend cannabis as a practical solution to limited treatment options and this leaves many people without the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision about their health.

One of the main reasons for the charity is to create awareness of the treatment options and the available cannabis drug in New Zealand because lack of information and research has resulted in lack of funding from the government and it remains a very costly form of treatment that many families cannot afford. Learning more about how to start a dispensary business could be beneficial to this charity because generating fixed income would enable them to raise more money for their needs and to help more families. There is a lot of information available about cannabis dispensaries and how to receive cannabis dispensary technician training to be certified and to sell cannabis products.

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