April 18, 2024

Taking A Look At The World Of Ice Rinks

There are many ways to bond as a family together, and a backyard ice rink is just one of them. A backyard ice rink has even more purposes that this as well, and can also, of course, be used as a way to improve your physical stamina and overall physical condition. The backyard ice rink has many potential uses, and can be a hugely important thing in your life, should you make the choice to invest in one. The backyard ice rink can be easily erected in very nearly any given backyard area, given that there is enough space, and can be easily taken down when warm weather comes back around. For those who are looking to escape the inside of their homes during the winter months (as we can all become prone to going a little stir crazy – or a lot stir crazy, at that), a backyard ice rink can be the perfect activity – close to home, but one that gets your blood moving.

A backyard ice rink will be particularly ideal if you are an athlete, such as a hockey player or an ice skater. You might even have found discipline in another sport, and are simply using skating in a back yard ice rink as one way to keep yourself in shape for your upcoming sports season. Backyard ice rinks are growing ever more popular for this reason (of course among others as well) because of the fact that more than forty thousand kids – very nearly forty five thousand kids – participate in ice hockey in some capacity, though this will vary, from season to season in the country of the United States alone. And it is hugely important to get kids up and moving and preferably outside, if it is at all possible. Unfortunately, the kids of today are less active than ever before, with the average child living here in the United States spending as many as seven hours in front of a screen not on a weekly basis, but on a daily one. On top of this, it has been found that less than half of all kids – only about one third of them – are getting the right amount of exercise needed in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle. In summer months, more kids get up and moving and there is more opportunity for physical and active play. However, the winter months can all by stop the physical activity that any given person, child OR adult, actually ends up getting. For such scenarios, a backyard ice rink with an ice rink liner and ice rink tarps to keep it in good shape at all times, is ideal to have constructed on your property.

The backyard ice rink is also a great way that families can promote activities that inspire family bonding. Going out for a skate together has become more popular than ever before, with as many as ten million and more people (who were over the age of six) partaking in some type of ice rink and skating activity at least once in the time span of just one single year. Participating in your own back yard makes it even easier. And family bonding itself is becoming more important and is on the rise, particularly when we take a look at the growing relationships between fathers and their children. Simply put, dads now more than ever before want to spend quality time with their kids, and are actually spending more than fifty five percent more time with their kids today than they have in past years – even though the average father will be out of the house, typically because of work related reasons, for as many as seventy one hours in just one week (as this number of hours that fathers are absent also factors in things such as the commute to work and back home again – something that eats up quite a good chunk of many people’s day to day lives). A home ice rink can be the perfect way to foster open lines of communication and relationship building for fathers and their children, sons and daughters both, alike.

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