April 18, 2024

Why Police Officers Should Wear The Proper Police Duty Gear

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How much do you know about the police force throughout the United States? In today?s political climate, there are plenty of opinions on the police force. At the end of the day, everyone?s safety is of utmost importance throughout the country. That?s one reason why it?s essential for all policemen and women to have the best police duty gear. It may seem intimidating when you pass by the police force on the street wearing tactical gear or body armor clothing, but without it, the police would be left vulnerable.

Interested in learning more about the United States? police force and why police duty gear is so essential to their safety? Keep reading to find out what policemen and women face every day when they go to work.

Information on Police Attacks Throughout the United States

Every day, policemen and women put their lives at risk to do their job properly. There?s never a shortage of incidents in which police forces in the United States come face to face with violence and potential danger. In the last decade alone, data from the government shows that police officers were assaulted more than 60,000 different times.

There are a variety of ways that police officers can come into harm when on the line of duty. These ways range from gunshot wounds, to attacks, to deaths by other weapons like knives. For example, gunshots wounds are actually quite prevalent for police officers. In the last decade, there were around 33% of police officer deaths due to gunshot wounds alone.

However, gunshot wounds aren?t the leading cause of police enforcement deaths. It?s actually car accidents that leads the way. Gunshot wounds come in second for causing the most deaths on the police force. Even so, there?s no reason for so many police officers to die or be injured by gunshot wounds or any other violent act when there are ways to prevent such injuries and deaths like wearing the proper police duty gear.

Why Police Officers Need to Wear Police Duty Gear

Different types of body armor
clothing and body armor for law enforcement actually prevent injury and death time and time again. While gunshot wounds are the second leading cause for police officer deaths, the right police duty gear can stop a gunshot wound from resulting in death. Over the last thirty years, more than 3,000 officers have been saved from the armor vests they were wearing when they were the victim of a gunshot.

If police officers are not wearing the proper police duty gear, their chances of dying or getting injured from a gunshot increase 3.4 times. That?s one reason why armor vests are essential to police officers every day clothing. The vests and other police duty gear may be somewhat intimidating to the public when they see police officers wearing them, but at the end of the day, it could save their life.

Nowadays, police officers are oftentimes even required to wear different types of protective gear like armor vests. Out of all the police departments in the United States, nearly 70% require their officers to wear the proper gear every day on the job, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Without the gear, police officers are simply too vulnerable to violent acts that can occur while they are trying to do their job accurately.

So, the next time you see law enforcement wearing different kinds of police gear and tactical gear, there?s no reason to assume they are dangerous or that something bad is necessarily going to happen. Without the gear, the officers are just too vulnerable, and it?s not worth risking their life. They?re already subjecting themselves to violent situations as it is without also subjecting themselves to injuries and death by not wearing the right gear when on the line of duty.

Have you ever seen a police officer wearing police duty gear? Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on the gear that police officers are encouraged or required to wear for their safety.

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