June 14, 2024

Thinking Water Sports? Think Bigger Wake

Ballast systems for wakeboard boats

Summer is here and it is finally time to get on the water! With the dozens of water sports to choose from it is not hard to believe that nearly 20% of all millennials enjoy at least one. Whatever activity you choose on the water, if it involves being pulled by a boat then there are a few things you ought to know about why a bigger wake is better. Below are just three examples of water sports that are so much more fun if you have a bigger wake:

1. Wakeboarding – The sport of wakeboarding has been around at least since before 1990 when the first official competition was held in Orlando. Wakeboarding involves someone being pulled behind a boat while riding on a wakeboard which is much smaller than a wakesurfing board. One of the first things you will hear when asking for wakeboarding tips is to make sure that the wake coming off of the boat is big, otherwise you will not have much to work with.

2. Tubing – Tubing, for many people, is the first water sport they involve themselves in. This is partially because it is simple and does not require much skill, but also because it might be the most relaxing of all the water sports. The person riding the tube can choose to sit up, lay back, or even lay on their stomachs and enjoy the splash of the water in their face. When a bigger wake is involved, the person riding the tube can make their ride quite a bit more interesting.

3. Skiing – Water Skiing is fun for all ages. Even though it can be a bit tricky to learn at first, once you get the hang of it you’ll be having a blast. Wake is important to water skiing for similar reasons to wake boarding: if the rider wants to do some more advanced techniques on their skis, then they need wake to do it.

So, when it comes to asking why a bigger wake is better – now you know! Not only will you see more challenges and excitement, but it is how most water sports are meant to be enjoyed! Last year, nearly 14% of America’s population enjoyed some type of water sport; let this Summer be the time that you become part of that statistic!

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