May 27, 2024
storing tennis racquets

Tips for Storing Tennis Racquets

Finding the perfect tennis racquet is a herculean task by itself. Most people try different racquets for many months, and sometimes even years before they hit on the racquet that suits their game well. Now that you are all set to rock with your new gear, have you ever wondered about an important aspect – storing tennis racquets in the right place and in the proper way to ensure that they last for a long time?

In fact, as a tennis player this should be one of the first thought on your mind, so your racquet can last for many matches and tournaments. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Location Matters

As with everything, location matters a lot for storing tennis racquets. One of the worst places to leave your tennis racquet is your car, especially if the outside temperature is high. The heat can ruin your handle and loosen the strings, thereby making it pretty much unusable for you. Likewise, avoid keeping your racquet in a cold place as that can cause your strings to die.

So, which is the right place? In your home! The room temperature that makes you feel comfortable regardless of the outside weather is ideal for your racquet too.

Carry your Racquet While Traveling

According to the latest research by the Tennis Industry Association (TIA), tennis participation has increased to about 17.9 million players. This statistic also translates to more tournaments and more travel plans. If you ever plan to go by airplane for your tournament, make sure you have your racquet as a part of your carry-on baggage to ensure that there are no damages to it.

Also, in general, be conscious of where your racquet is at all times. Tennis court benches, indoor benches, racquet cart, and tennis ball carts are common places to leave your racquet behind. So, make sure you carry it with you and double-check before you leave the court.


One way to maintain the tension of your strings is to restring them often. A rule of thumb is you should restring as many times as you play in a week. In other words, if you play for four days a week, you should restring your racquet at least four times in a year to ensure that the string tension is maintained. You can also consider restringing before important upcoming tennis events.

Head is Important

We often give a lot of attention to the grip and strings but forget the head that holds it all together. A good way to prevent scratches or even possible breakage in your racquet is to put a protective tape around it. This way, your racquet’s head will have no impact even if you have to scrape it on the ground. You can also consider buying a sleeve bag for storing tennis racquets as this will shield the head from possible damage.

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