April 18, 2024

Come Visit Japan Attend A Rugby Game

It is well known that The United States has many popular sports. You can play football, baseball, basketball, golf, and hockey, just to name a few. Additionally, you can watch these professional sports on your television. These sports organizations and industries gain millions of dollars every year. In fact, because of our ticket purchases, merchandise purchases, and contribution to sponsorships, the sports industry gained $69.4 million dollars in one year. We know all about sports here in The United States. But, what about other countries? If you’re a sports fanatic, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with rugby. Additionally, you’ll want to know all about rugby in Japan. Here’s the reason why you should consider sports travel, and go to Japan for a rugby game.

Rugby in Japan is actually a very popular sport. To begin, Japan has one of the largest populations of rugby players in the world. Japan has over 125,000 Japanese rugby players and about 3,631 official rugby clubs. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the Japanese national rugby team is 11th in the world. This is understandable because Japanese citizens have been playing rugby for centuries. Needless to say, they’re good players. So why travel to Japan to see a rugby game?

Rugby in Japan has just gotten a little more special. In fact, you could say very special. Japan is hosting the rugby World Cup! This is the first time in an Asian country. A rugby World Cup is traditional hosted and played in European countries. However, it’s fitting that this country, with its talented rugby team, host the game. The rugby 2019 World Cup will occur in September of 2019. Many have said that this World Cup will be an experience for everyone. Since the game isn’t being played in European hemispheres, this gives fans (including you!) a new, meaningful, different experience. Additionally, organizations can expand the game. It will also be a once in a lifetime experience for all fans traveling from different countries!

Traveling all the way to Japan to experience a new rugby experience isn’t the only reason you should attend this rugby game. The atmosphere caused by rugby in Japan is electric. Since the World Cup is being held in Japan, many young Japanese fans are buzzing with excitement. This rubs off on the entire environment. If you walk around Japan, you’ll feel and see the excitement in the air. This is automatic happiness. You’ll find Japanese citizens singing songs, waving sports towels, and banging thundersticks together. They are very active, very excited, and very cheerful. Not only is there excitement, but Japanese citizens are polite and welcoming to travelers from different countries. Who knows? You could meet a new friend because of rugby in Japan.

If the excitement of Japan isn’t enough to make you travel there for the World Cup, here’s another reason: the culture. In terms of culture, the food during rugby games are popular, gourmet, and they sound delicious. Everyone gets hungry watching their favorite sports game, so you’ll eventually get hungry while watching the World Cup. Some snacks you can get at the stadium are Yakitori, which is basically chicken on little sticks. It’s seasoned with salt, and served with a dipping sauce. Bento boxes are another snack (or meal) you can try while at the World Cup. Rice, protein, and vegetables each have their own little section on a tray. Lastly, you can get Kakigori at sports games. Kakigori is similar to a snow cone in the United States. Ready to head to Japan yet?

The last reason to attend rugby in Japan is for sightseeing. The World Cup for rugby means that various countries play against one another. You can watch many matches from The United States, to Japan, to South Africa, to New Zealand. Whichever team you want to see, and whomever you’re rooting for, there is a lot to see. Each stadium is unique. They are different sizes and found throughout different areas of Japan. At the City of Toyota Stadium you can see the Samurai heritage. At the Sapporo Dome, you can see many beautiful trees of all different colors. The views are truly incredible.

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