May 27, 2024

Tennis Allows Players to Get a Healthy Amount of Exercise

When you live in the midwest tennis season can be pretty short unless you have access to indoor courts. In other parts of the country, of course, it is much easier to play tennis year round. No matter where you live, however, it is important to find courts that are in the best condition. From the best Douglas brand net posts used for the nets to a court surface that is well maintained, you will play better if you are able to find courts that are in good shape.

As the first of January in the midwest has temperatures far lower than average, there are some tennis players who can only dream of getting out on the courts. In places where the weather is far more pleasant, however, there are great games to be had even in the middle of winter.

How Many Times a Month Do You Play Tennis?

If you live in a place that has a large number of people who love to play tennis, you likely benefit from some really nice courts. From the best tennis court dividers to an adequate number of tennis court benches, there are plenty of things that set the top courts apart. When you find a place that uses Douglas brand net posts, as well as other highly rated tennis court equipment you never have to worry that court conditions will limit your play. Consider some of these facts and figures about the popularity of tennis in this country and the impact that it has on the economy in many parts of the country:

  • Containing the ball within the playing area and providing security are the two main purposes of tennis fencing.
  • Standard tennis courts measure 78 feet in length, and are 27 feet wide for singles matches and 36 feet wide for doubles matches.
  • At the height of exactly 3.5 feet, which is the same as 1.07 meters, a tennis net should be attached to two side posts a.
  • Playing tennis recreationally can burn 169 calories in 30 minutes for a woman, and 208 calories in the same amount of time for an average man.
  • Outdoor tennis courts are positioned according to two different factors: the position of the sun and the effects of shadows cast onto the court surface.

It may be the middle of winter, but if you are lucky you are still able to find a way to get on the courts sometime this winter and get in a tennis match or two with your favorite competitors. As an added bonus, if you find a court that has high quality Douglas brand net posts and well maintained courts, you can really enjoy the next game.

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