July 22, 2024

Custom Smokers New BBQ Equipment

There’s no doubt about it, grilling is an all-American pastime. In fact, 75% of homes in America (according to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association–known as the HPBA) own a grill or a smoker, and 60% of all grillers are all year-round, outdoor cooks.

Barbecues are extremely popular, and, according to the HPBA, there are four main styles of barbecue: Texas, Memphis, Carolina and Kansas City. Clearly, there’s a great interest in this popular pastime. And now, there’s even a better way for the griller in your life to cook with style: that would be cooking with custom smokers. It is interesting to mention one thing: to prevent burning, that the sauces on these delicious bbq menus should only be applied in the last few minutes of cooking–say,15 to 30 minutes.

Now you may be wondering, what are custom smokers, exactly? Well, instead of a general, generic smoker, custom smokers are designed with exactly the right features to maximize your grilling and bbq experience. Created in all shapes and sizes, custom smokers facilitate even cooking, and avoid hot spots that can lead to meats being cooked unevenly.

Among the most popular and effective custom smokers are the vertical charcoal smokers and stand up smokers. There are many models of custom smokers to choose from: 2 door and 3 door smokers, for example, and tow along bbq smokers that can reach just about any bbq pit.

Temperature is a key factor for fish, chicken and meat smoking for outdoor bbqs, but 46% of those surveyed never use a thermometer when cooking chicken according to statistics from the United States FDA. Other meats, including pork and ground beef need to be cooked so the internal temperature reaches at least 160 degrees. Just imagine delicious smoked salmon, grilled burgers, sausages, and of course, ribs. A custom smoker can make this process more efficient, and most of all, safer and more healthy for those enjoying the bbq.

We all agree there’s nothing like a food, fun-filled family bbq. In fact, in America 87% of the people plan to grill and smoke outdoors to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday. With a custom smoker, your griller will cook like an award winner, serving a healthy, delicious outdoor bbq experience that everyone will enjoy.

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