May 27, 2024

4 Great California Angel Baseball Players

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Many sports fans in California love watching a baseball game. Statistics show that nearly 55% of those surveyed were either fans or somewhat fans of baseball. In 2016, Major League Baseball generates slightly over $9 billion in yearly revenue. One of the most popular items baseball fans purchase are jerseys that represent their favorite teams. Baseball fanatics in California tend to proudly wear either Angels or Dodgers jerseys. Here are four of the greatest California Angels baseball players.

  1. Brian Downing

    You’ve probably seen a lot of modern baseball hitters that incorporate weightlifting into their respective training regimens. Many modern hitters can credit Brian Downing as their inspiration to strength train while playing professional baseball. The weightlifting work done by Downing helped to ensure he had a great chance of making contact when came up to the plate. Over the course of 13 years, Downing was able to achieve 866 walks. Downing’s weightlifting prowess allowed him to hit many homes runs throughout his legendary career with the Angels.
  2. Mike Trout

    An older fan who has a custom Angels jersey featuring players from the past might not know about Mike Trout. However, Trout is having an amazing career, especially for only being in his third year with the California Angels. Mike Trout is nearly having the perfect start to a career, playing in three All Star games and winning the Rookie of the Year award. Many Angels jerseys proudly feature the name Trout on the back.
  3. Nolan Ryan

    The name Nolan Ryan has become synonymous with Texas sports teams. Many remember the years that Nolan spent as a pitcher with the Rangers and Astros. However, Nolan Ryan did spend eight wildly successful seasons playing for the California Angels. During these eight seasons, Ryan was invited to play at five yearly All Star games. Nolan Ryan could have easily become the best California Angels player of all time. Unfortunately, he would go to on to break records for other teams throughout his 28 season career. Many fans fondly remember the time that Nolan Ryan spent as a pitcher for the California Angels.
  4. Garret Anderson

    Baseball fans are likely to know the name Nolan Ryan over Garret Anderson. However, many feel that Garret Anderson was the greatest player to wear an Angels uniform. Anderson’s stats are staggering including making 2,368 hits with a 1,292 RBI. Garret Anderson still holds the record for playing the longest amount of seasons with the California Angels, including their World Series win. Many fans order a custom Angels jersey, especially when their team makes it to the World Series. Statistics show that 23.4 million people view the World Series on TV each year.

In closing, there are several great players who have put on a California Angels uniform. Brian Downing was a hitter for the Angels whose weight training inspired future generations of baseball players. Mike Trout is relatively new but has already had an amazing career while playing for the Angels. Nolan Ryan is widely regarded as one of the best baseball players of all time, part of this amazing career was spent playing in California. Garret Anderson continues to hold the record of playing the most seasons for the California Angels where he amassed over 2,300 hits. Many fans purchase a custom Angels jersey in order to tell the world about their favorite player.

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