April 18, 2024

How Soccer Can Help Your Child Become More Than Just Fit

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Most of us have played some form of organized sport in our lifetime, whether in elementary, middle, or high school, or even college. We probably have some fond memories of our time on the soccer, football, track and field, or swim team. We probably made some good (if not lifelong) friends, experienced a sense of camaraderie, and stayed in shape! So why wouldn’t we want our kids to be able to experience the same thing? Soccer is one of the most commonly played sports among children and for those who are very serious about the sport, a soccer coaching clinic, urban soccer league, or soccer training camps are available for children to receive an intensive in the sport they love. A soccer coaching clinic can be very beneficial for technique, strategy, and honing skills, and can be a great place to get noticed for scholarships and other opportunities.
Where Did Soccer Come From and Who’s a Soccer Player?
Soccer actually began in England (though it’s called “football” across the pond) in 1863. Today, almost 285,000 boys play high school soccer and almost 210,000 girls play high school soccer in the United States. There are over 350 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men’s soccer coaches and more than 480 women’s soccer coaches.
However, soccer is a sport that’s enjoyed by far more people than just children. Whether it’s a casual pick up game in the backyard or in a park, or a community league, many adults play soccer even if it’s not on a professional level. It’s a sport that can easily follow you into adulthood.
Soccer requires 11 players, who can use their head, torso, and legs to move a ball up and down the field and score goals. The goalkeeper, however, stays at their end of the field. A full game can require players to travel as many as five to seven miles over its course!
Why Should My Child Learn How to Play Soccer?
Having your child join an organized sport is great for their fitness. For example, to play soccer, a player will have to run, walk, sprint, and jump, often for 90 minutes at a time, which helps improve their endurance. Around 60% of kids who do an organized sport do it outside of school, which means they’re getting more exercise than just their physical education class.
Apart from improving childhood fitness rates, joining a team is also a great way to make friends, learn about teamwork, setting goals, and improving one’s focus. Over 60% of children who play an organized sport in the United States do so to hang out with their friends, according to recent surveys.
Plus, over 11 million children and adults attend a camp every year, and so participating in a soccer coaching clinic or a soccer camp can be a great way for your child to meet new friends. Over 95% of summer campers reported that camp helped then make new friends and over 90% said that camp made them feel good about themselves.
A soccer coaching clinic or soccer summer camp may also be a great way to stand out for a scholarship. Every year, there are a little over 400 soccer scholarships available to boys and over 800 for girls, so doing a soccer camp or soccer tour can be a great way to catch a coach or recruiters’ attention.
How Can I Sign My Child Up for a Camp or Clinic?
If your child is already part of a soccer team, talk to the coach. If he or she thinks your child has promise, they may even approach you first about going farther with training. Your child or other parents may also know of popular soccer summer camps or training clinics to attend. A quick Internet search will also yield plenty of results, if you can’t find personal recommendations.
Get your child involved and active with an organized sport. Soccer can be a gateway to new friends, increased athleticism, scholarships, and the love of playing a game. Look into opportunities for your child now — it may grow to be a lifelong passion.

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