April 18, 2024

How to Save Money on Back to School Shopping

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With the school year having just started you’ve likely completed most of your back to school shopping. It’s amazing what kids need these days for school. If it’s not something that the school is requiring like track and field team uniforms, then it’s something that the kids just have to have like an iPad to take notes. I don’t know what happened to good old pen and paper but apparently nobody uses those anymore according to the kids. If you haven’t finished shelling out yet then you may be in luck because you will probably be able to save a little money. Keep in mind that things like track and field team uniforms and other athletic apparel may just be the price they are because of being custom made, but there are plenty of things that you could do to save money on the other supplies.

Hold off on the un-necessities for the time being.
Your kids may be begging for a certain something when you’re shopping during the summer but the problem comes when they go back to school. All of a sudden all the kids are using something else and then item that they begged you for is no longer in fashion. If you wait till the kids have been back in school for a few days it may be easier to stop wasting cash when they find out what they really want.

Take advantage of the end of summer sales.
Most people do their school shopping during the summer and by the time school starts it’s all gone. If you can get only what your kids lead for the first week or two then you could take advantage of all the school supplies going on sale. Also, if you live in a warmer climate you may be able to buy the T-shirts and capris that go on sale at the end of summer but still could be worn well in the fall.

Don’t stray from the list that the school gives you.
One of the biggest money wasters is determining what you were going to buy before you go out and then seeing all the different things that are available once you get there. The school will give you a supply list at the start of the new school year and that is what you should stick to. No matter how cute something is, chances are it won’t even get used and it will just be more wasted money. Keep to the list and save your money for something else like those track and field team uniforms that you have to buy over and over again as your son grows and team apparel changes.

Allow your kids to trade items with their friends.
There are bound to be other kids at school that wanted something that your kids got just like your kids will want what they got. Clear it with the other kids’ mom’s first and then let your child know that if someone wants to trade an item then they can do that. It also might be a good idea for the moms to do some trading. If you get together with some other school moms that have kids of the same gender is but different ages you can swap clothes and books and even toys.

Make time to meal plan for lunches.
Food is one of the biggest money wasters. Eating out costs so much. However, even grocery shop and can be expensive if we don’t do it right. Make sure that you were checking the sales and ad matching and even clipping coupons if you have the time. Most stores have some sort of rewards program or loyalty cards that you can get for free as well at as many stores as you want.
Find the mark downs and sales.
Well you can’t buy athletic uniforms like track and field team uniforms at retail stores on sale, you can buy the rest of their clothes there. Keep an eye out for when they’re having sales and stock up as you go. Also, in case you didn’t know, if you buy an item that ends up going on sale within 14 days you can have the difference refunded at certain stores.

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