June 13, 2024

When Was the Last Time That You Went on a Bike Ride?

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The two inch by two inch curved piece of thin metal has held up well.
The bicycle license that was still attached to the 20 inch purple Schwinn bicycle that had a banana seat and upright handle bars. The bike had spent a few years sitting outside in the 40 years since you rode it, so the body was in pretty bad shape. That license plate, however, which would have supposedly helped in recovery if it was ever stolen, was still attached. Your dad had kept the bike all of these years, but he was now going to donate it to an organization that refurbishes bikes and sends them to third world countries. Before he sent it away though, he wanted to know if you wanted the license plate.
Curved from its years attached to the seat support bar, the license looked like new. With a strong set of metal cutters your dad was able to remove the metal momento for you to keep.
Will You be Riding a Bike to Work Tomorrow?
As the month of bike riding promotions continues, America’s bike riders and city planners continue to work to promote the Nation’s Ride You Bike to Work Day. Although the entire month of May is designated as bike moth, the real focus for many cycling groups and communities is promoting the Bike to Work Week on May 16 through May 20. Officially tomorrow, May 20, is the official Bike to Work Day across the country.
And while biking groups and communities may work to promote these healthy and environmentally bike rides on a certain day, week, or month, an entire community makes bike riding a part of their daily routines for both fitness and environmental reasons.
Although many of us rode our bikes as children, not as many continue this exercise habit into our adulthood. The skill that once learned is never to be forgotten, in fact, is only practiced by one of every three people. This 33% indicate that they ride bicycles for recreation, but 28% say that they ride for both health and fitness.
Events like Bike to Work days help promote a fitness activity that not only provides great cardiovascular exercise, but also limits our daily carbon foot print. In fact, research indicates that if Americans made even one, four-mile round-trip by bike instead of car a week, as a nation we would burn nearly 2 billion fewer gallons of gas a year. In a time when Americans are looking for a way to promote both personal and environmental fitness, bike riding options continue to increase.
From bike shops that offer hybrid bikes for sale, to cities that offer banks of bikes for rent or for free, bike riding enthusiasts hope that their favorite sport will continue to catch on. More bike riders mean that cities and even rural communities may continue to increase and improve the miles of bike riding trails that are available.
As exercise technology continues to advance so do the types and styles of bikes that are made. Hybrid bikes for sale in Boston, Massachusetts, may differ from the hybrid bikes for sale in Boulder, Colorado. Colorado hybrid bikes for sale may include wide tires and a shock absorbing frame for mountain trails, and a Boston model may be versatile enough to ride to work Monday through Friday, but transform into a bike to ride to a campground on the weekend. With a few bike accessories that are easy to take on and off, hybrid bikes created for certain types of weather and terrain can easily transform when needed.
Used Bikes for Sale Are a Growing Market with Many Interested Buyers
Although hybrid bikes are available new in a variety of price ranges, used bikes are an increasingly popular option. As cyclists enthusiasts upgrade to newer models, many bike shops take the older bikes in on trade. These older bikes are often refurbished and tuned up and become perfect options for individuals who want to begin cycling. The options are as varied as the riders and their purposes.
What are you waiting for? Bike to Work month is moving faster than you can pedal. Isn’t it time you grabbed your helmet and went on a ride?

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