May 27, 2024

Four Reasons You Should Consider Camp for Your Kids

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Did you know that over 11 million children andadults attend camp in the U.S. every year? If you’re looking for a way to get kids active over the summer, day camp is definitely one option worth considering. If anything, camp only becomes a more treasured activity as more and more, our average daily activities take us away from the outdoors.

Is camp right for every kid? The answer is almost always yes — and this is because there are so many different types of camps out there. One child might prefer a Santa Monica beach camp, while another prefers a horse oriented sleep-away camp. Here are a few things you should keep in mind, if you’re considering camp for your kids.

1. Helps Foster Independence

School these days is more defined than testing than ever before, often leaving little room for alternative activities. At camp, kids can learn everything from tying sailing knots, to cooking tinfoiled food in a fire pit, depending on the program. Learning a wide range of skills by themselves can help them feel more ready to take on surmountable challenges in life.

2. Good Way to Get Exercise

It’s recommended that children participate in bone-strengthening and muscle-strengthening activities three times every week. Gymnastics, climbing trees, and jumping rope are examples of good activities. Camp is a great way to get kids active and moving, since many activities revolve around playing outdoor games like capture the flag, or kickball. Only 33% of kids are currently active on a daily basis; this can help turn that statistic around.

3. Kids Nutrition

Are your kids eating well and learning good nutritional habits? If they eat at a public school during the year, the answer is often “no.” These meals are often loaded up with sodium and fat, with only small (often tiny cup sized!) servings of fruits or vegetables. If you’re worried about kids nutrition, a summer camp isn’t going to give them things like soda or candy bars. To get through high energy activities, they’re going to need to eat healthy — and summer camps care about kids nutrition.

4. Make New Friends

Camps often foster lifelong friendships. More than that, they can help kids develop coping mechanisms for dealing with stress throughout the entire year. As kids move through primary and middle school, they can often feel alienated from peers for one reason or another. Having another group of friends — where they can establish a unique identity for themselves independent of school — can help kids make it through years that might otherwise be very difficult.

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