April 18, 2024

Choose from a Variety of Bear-Proof Cooler Sizes

Camo cooler

If you like to camp or hunt or even picnic in an area where bears live, you know how attracted they are to the smell of food. A bear will come right into your campsite looking for a snack if it can smell food out in the woods. Bears have a strong sense of smell that can pick up the smell of food from over a mile away. It is seven times stronger than a dog?s sense of smell.

One of the best ways to store food while out in the wilderness is with a cooler that has been deemed ?bear-proof.? This means that the cooler can survive being handled by a bear for 60 minutes. This isn?t to say that bears will stop trying after 60 minutes, but the longer the cooler lasts, the more likely it will be that the bear gives up. There are all different cooler sizes to choose from.

Camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing are all highly popular activities throughout the United States. In 2013, over 34.4 million people reported going hiking. Over 38 million people in the United States hunt and fish on an annual basis. State parks across the country indicate that the average camping stays in their parks last three to four days.

These numbers illustrate the mass amount of people that spend time participating in these outdoor activities. These are all people likely buying using coolers because a cooler is the easiest and most efficient way to travel with food. In the last year, 24%of campers age 18 to 34 bought a cooler, and 27% of campers age 35 to 44 bought a cooler. Cooler sales are consistent from year to year.

Different cooler sizes and styles provide campers and hunters with a variety of options to fit their needs. Hunters can buy camouflage coolers that will be more discreet than brightly colored coolers. Campers and hikers can get large coolers intended to carry food for the entire family or small coolers that are easy to carry long distances.

Boat coolers are also very common sellers. There is a variety of boat cooler sizes o fit various needs. Boat coolers are popular among people who like to fish to store not only what they catch but also what they bring on the trip for food. There are more than 16,800,000 boats owned in the U.S., which means there are a lot of people that may need boat coolers.

According to a recent survey, 81% of fishing trips are spontaneously planning in less than a week, and 82% of fishing trips involve multiple people. With larger groups and a lack of planning, more people are likely to buy a cooler quickly, so it is important to know your options and what you are looking for ahead of time.

A good cooler will be large enough to carry everything you need it for. It will be easy to move around, and it will be bear proof. Buying a high-quality cooler can save you money down the road because you won?t need to buy a new one for each consecutive trip.

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