July 22, 2024

Think You’re Ready to Ski? Three Tips You Should Read First

Ski weather reports

Did you know that an estimated 400 million people go skiing every year? That’s a lot of skis slicing down the slopes, and we’re not even counting the snowboarders. The first skis date back to around 4,000 BC in Sweden. Today, skiing can be a great experience, made even better by proper preparation. What can you do to make sure you’re ready to hit the slopes?

1. Check Out Ski Snow Reports for Your Area

Too often, skiers assume that any wintertime conditions will be ideal for skiing. In actuality, there are a few things to look out for. If the wind is strong and there is a heavy snowfall predicted, for example, your trip down the mountain will not only feel colder because of the wind, but your visibility will be down on account of the snow, and the pathways are going to be less groomed on average. Keep track of ski snow conditions for the days you plan to ski so that you can plan accordingly. Bad weather expected for the late afternoon? Time to get an early start in the morning.

2. Appropriate Gear

Proper gear is important for skiers. Ski pants are ideal, as well as jackets specifically formulated to keep out the cold and wind that go hand and hand with downhill skiing. Goggles, once a rarity on the slopes, are now considered required gear by most experienced skiers. Not only will they keep whipping flakes out of your eyes, but they will also help to keep your face insulated from the cold. Helmets are similarly a good idea, especially for beginners or skiers who appreciate speed. Although skiing is not a dangerous sport, it does see a fair number of injuries; don’t let your head be one of them.

3. Should I Rent or Own?

If you’re new to skiing, rental is often a good idea. While you’re learning the basics, the exact ergonomics of your equipment aren’t going to make much of a difference, and this is a good way to make sure you’re committed to the sport before investing too much. Once you’re sure skiing is for you, however, the price of rental equipment can add up quickly. On the other hand, if you dislike the hassle of carting equipment around, rental offices are usually located very close to the slopes, and frequently have some of the latest styles available.

What snow conditions are you looking forward to? Good refereneces.

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  1. Although me and my mom disagree about this (often), I really love thick powder! So ideal for me is a day or two after a heavy snowfall.

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